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New England Podcasting gathers podcasters from around New England together on the second Wednesday of every month.

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1. werewrwe - October 11, 2006


2. Kevin - June 21, 2007

I came across your blog and thought you might want to know about our new site. RSVPBUY.com. Any time you or your friends would like to promote an event how do you do it? Through your blog, video, photo’s et cetera right? But…how do you get the word out to the people who have no idea who you are? RSVPBUY.com!

Example: You blog about a meet up, contest, et cetera on your blog, you create a video or image as supporting media. These are things you would do anyway, right? After you have these it is only an matter of pasting the URL where the information about the event is on your site, give your event a “headline”, pasting embed video code or upload the supporting media image and a few more drop-downs and your done! As our site grows (we just launched this week) so will the crowd that follows your events! Some of those people you will think are cool and can add to your “my people” categories so in the future you can invite them to “private events”.

So, if you have any upcoming events, are selling anything on e bay or other auction sites, RSVPBUY.com just might be a natural next step… Please tell me what you think and by all means share your events and auctions with us!

Best Wishes, Kevin

PS – We make our money through ads and everything you share with us is redirected back to you! You’ll have your own VIP RSS feed too for all your events and auctions.

3. BF - July 12, 2007

New Book! How to Do Everything with Podcasting by Shel Holtz with Neville Hobson (McGraw-Hill, July 2007; $24.99)

The book walks readers step by step through the process of creating, broadcasting, and promoting their own podcasts. The authors offer tips for targeting any audience, refining content, integrating various technologies, and profiting from podcasts. They also show how businesses can use podcasting as a fresh, inexpensive way to communicate with customers, investors, and employees.

In detail, the book covers:
• Subscribing to, downloading, and listening to podcasts
• Getting the right hardware and software
• Planning, recording, editing, and releasing your own podcast
• Incorporating music, sweeps, interviews, and other elements
• Connecting with listeners using blogs, live chats, and user-created content
• Profiting from your podcast through advertising, networking, and merchandising
• Tapping into support services for help with production, hosting, bandwidth, and more
• Creating customer-focused or business-to-business podcasts

Further information can be found at .

Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, which helps companies apply online communication capabilities to their strategic communications.
Neville Hobson is a UK-based communicator, blogger, podcaster, and leading early adopter in new-media communication for business.
Since January 2005, the authors have produced and presented the twice-weekly “For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report” podcast on public relations, business, and technology.

4. bibomedia.com - March 8, 2008


5. Glen Peladeau - July 29, 2009

Nice site! be sure to add it to;

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