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Meeting Report: November 8th November 7, 2006

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Kelly’s @ Jordan’s Furniture
Route 9 in Natick at 7PM on Wednesday, November 8

Notes from CC and Clinton:

Last night was a small but great meeting.

What I liked about it was that Kelly’s was quiet enough that we could all have conversations. Sure the tables were not exactly set up in the best way for what we wanted, but not having to yell just to be heard was a huge improvement.

There were as many new faces as familiar ones which is always great to see.

At least four of the people there do not yet have podcasts, but are on the verge of starting them. It’s good to see new faces (as well as all the regulars, of course!).

I hope that everyone else enjoyed it as well.



1. Guido from Boston - November 10, 2006

Crap… I always seem to think about checking the date of the meeting after the meeting happens… will someone please add me to the email list??

2. mark liberty - December 6, 2006

I am very interested in going to a meeting, Is it to late for december.

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