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Meeting Notes: October 11th October 5, 2006

Posted by stevegarfield in Meetups.

Wednesday night was the New England Podcasters meeting.

Here are Chris’ meeting notes:

Thanks to everyone who dropped by last night for the meetup. Some
followup things for those who were there…

[1] The MySpace program I mentioned can be found at FriendAdder.com – very useful.

[2] I’ll have a video on YouTube later today about condenser mic placement.

[3] Reader.Google.com may put you off Bloglines forever.

[4] SEOChat.com has a ton of great tools for your site.

[5] The tutorial about understanding 301 redirects:


Very useful – don’t necessarily give out your Feedburner URL just in
case, one day, they go away.

[6] Podshow+ is located at http://www.Podshow.com.

Other great directories for podcasts:

[7] Ira Krakow’s WordPress plugin list: http://www.irakrakow.com/wptips/

[8] Feedburner’s Google Pinging service is under Pingshot in the Publicize tab. Also, use Google’s RPC service to notify them directly in WordPress.

RPC endpoint: http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2

[9] Tools for Second Life at http://www.slexchange.com

[10] LAME encoder for iTunes at:


Very important – it uses LAME 3.91 which is badly out of date. You can, through a very elaborate procedure, upgrade the built-in version
of LAME to 3.97, which is what I use. For the same quality, same bitrate, LAME has reduced my show’s file sizes by a third.

[11] Audacity’s leveler is fantastic if you edit in Audacity. Go heavy on stuff at first.


[12] Gigavox levelator:


Do NOT, NOT, NOT use this with any audio that contains music or it will transform it into a steaming pile of dung. Use a compressor or
leveler instead.

[13] My settings in Garageband:


Thanks again for another great meetup!


Christopher S. Penn, The Financial Aid Podcast
A Publication of the Student Loan Network
On-demand financial aid internet radio, no iPod required

The monthly meet-up was on Oct. 11 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm and will be held this time at The Fours Restaurant in Quincy, MA.

The Fours Quincy
The Four’s Restaurant and Sports Bar – Quincy
15 Cottage Avenue
Quincy, MA 02169
Phone: (617) 471-4447

Southeast Expressway (Route 93) South to Route 3 South Take Exit 18 to QUINCY CENTER (first exit on Rte. 3 after split) onto Burgin Parkway.

Google Directions.